Android developers work better and program easier AndroidPal helps the ever growing number of Android Developers make their way into and productively and efficiently develop for the Android Platform.

Introducing AP Studio

AP Studio is an Android IDE

AP Studio is a well featured Android IDE built on modern open-source technologies. Its ultimate goal is to enable faster and easier development for Android. For this purpose we offer tools for various aspects of your app - coding and design. To eventually bring low-code or no-code development environment for certain kind of apps or UX.

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AndroidPal is a developer network and platform for Android software engineers.

Whether you're just staring to develop for Android or an experienced developer you'll surely appreciate what we have to offer. You will find online development tools, software libraries and a knowledge base. At the core of the network is the Chat where people can discuss Android development in real time. The chat has easy ways to share and highlight source code, attach images and links.

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Learning from peers and sharing your knowledge is an essential part of every developer's life. Getting quick insights into your questions in specialized channels is what the Chat is.
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Never stop asking
Got a question which has a lot of details and requires more feedback? Go ahead and ask in our Question & Answer community AP Questions. Get more visibility and add more detail.
Build your app
AP Studio is a collection of tools which will help you build your app. With purely development tools like Layers or generic UI/UX tools like our Icon Creator you will have easier time building your product.
Inspect your app's view hierarchy and get better insight into it with our 3D view.
Icon Creator
Create beautiful launcher icons for your app.
9-Patch Creator
Create 9-Patch drawables the easy way.
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Discover useful libraries
A collection of libraries built by the AndroidPal team. First class support for all libraries and frequent updates (if necessary). Whether it's a graphic interface library or an utility library you'll spend more time writing custom solutions to problems we've already solved.
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Every AndroidPal user has a passport. It's more than a simple profile and spans all AndroidPal services. Your passport gives an excellent overview of your Android development skills and your activities throughout the AndroidPal network.
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Your quesitons and answers
Source code pastes from the AP Chat
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